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Genesis 2:18; Ecclesiastes 3:11

From our Bible text, we could see that even God did not create man to be alone. At one point or the other, each and everyone of us need a companion. The question is when is the right time to go into marital relationship? There are so many factors one must consider before launching out in search of a partner.

In life, there are important choices that have great influence on individual’s life. Some of these choices have been made by God. He chose where we would be born and also our purpose on earth. However, there are choices we have to make as human and as believers. One of these choices is the choice of who to marry.

The Bible made us to understand that he that finds a wife finds a great thing and has obtained favour from God. You have the responsibility of choosing who to marry and this must be done wisely! The following should be considered in order to determine whether the time is right or not.

1. Be a man: Before Adam was given Eve, he had become a man. When you become a man, you’re good to go. A man is an independent adult. He is able to cater for his own needs and the needs of others.

2. Discover purpose: God has created each and everyone of us for a particular purpose. If God’s purpose for you is to be a great public speaker, whoever you marry must compliment that purpose. A doctor who goes to work by 7am and returns home by 9pm shouldn’t marry a doctor because the children will lack parental care and attention.

3. Ask: God is our father, He has the best at heart for us all. If you are a man and have discovered purpose, then ask him for direction on when to go. He is always ready to listen to us. Talk to Him today.

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