Testimonies from pioneer users of the devotional.

“Good morning Jesus daily devotional was a study guide for me. It really helped me grow spiritually because I was just getting to know more about God during my teenage years. Using the devotional, I learnt to thirst for an intimate relationship with God and not just be a baby Christian. The devotional was just a blessing to a person like me who was having difficulty studying the Bible on daily basis.

God bless the writer awesomely!”

Adetoye Adeola, Law student,

500 Level, University of Abuja

“Good Morning Jesus was a daily devotional I first had encounter with in my secondary school days around 2008. I must confess that the devotional really blessed my life as a teenager. Any teenager who desires to become a Kingdom lover should daily use this guide and I can assure you that you won’t be misled on the path of

righteousness. God bless you as you read it!”

Omotayo Oluwatimilehin,

400Level, Law student, Ahmadu Bello University

“Good morning Jesus is a daily devotional booklet that has really had an immeasurable influence in my life, especially my spiritual life. It’s a book that helped me establish a close relationship with God in my secondary school days and meditating on the words daily which has really helped me till now because I can’t wake up in a day without having a devotion with God right from my secondary school days.

During those days, I used to be in charge of the students morning devotion in my hostel. Whenever we wake up in morning, we study the words from the devotion and then pray to God, so this has been part of me since then. This book has also helped me academically. Some academics write-ups that were always included in the devotional really helped me. I still have copies of those previous editions with me and do go through them at my leisure time. Thank God for the life of the writer who God has used to add impact in my life spiritually. May God

increase his wisdom to do more in Jesus’ name (AMEN)”

Emmanuel Ayodeji.

Mathematics Department, Obafemi Awolowo University.

“Teenage hood comes with its complexities because it is a discovery of self. Who says that Christianity is boring? People say that you are taking this God thing too personal and it is making you look like a freak. Are you lost? Is there an emptiness deep within?  Do you need answers to who God really is?  Here is a devotional that is aimed at answering all these questions and lots more.  The writer is someone I know personally and his voice is to you. I mean, you! I have been tremendously blessed and I know that you also would be. God bless you!”

Phillips Adeola Gabriella

B.Sc (Philosophy)