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Saturday, May 5th


(Written by Bolarinwa Olabisi)

The Bible commanded us to love others the way we love ourselves. It is so out of place for someone who does not love himself or herself to love another. You can’t give what you don’t have. Can you? No. To love others, we need to love ourselves first. One may be thinking it is impossible to hate oneself. It isn’t. Self-hatred can be as a result of past mistakes one made or because while growing up, the person had terrible experiences. It may also be because the person feels inferior to others. Inferiority complex is mostly as a result of the environment one grew up from.

For somebody who was abused sexually, whether by a close relative or even parent, feeling useless to his/her world won’t be a difficult task. Those kinds of people may develop self-hatred. They may feel out of place among their mates and go into seclusion. They won’t have freedom of expression when necessary. There are so many consequences of feeling inferior to others. The trauma won’t leave except God steps in.

It doesn’t really matter what one has gone through whether in the past or while growing up. I am not trying to underestimate your struggles, no.

Love is the only commandment we have from God; love God and love others. To love others, love yourself.

Forgive yourself of past mistakes and by so doing, you won’t find it hard to forgive those who hurt you in the past, now or later. If you are finding it hard to do, silently pray to God and say; ‘Lord Jesus, I bring my heart to you today. Please uproot every tree of bitterness in my heart. Help me forgive myself and others. Give me strength to love both myself and others the same way you love me’. Amen.

You are free now to love.

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