March 11, 2018 0Comment


Dear God, I really want to appreciate you for another opportunity to be in the land of the living, thank you for my family and loved ones, thank you for our nation Nigeria, thank you for the church of God. I am grateful for the privilege to e called you child. Thank you for the Salvation of my soul.

I receive the auction to dream bigger than my current position in Jesus name. From now onwards, the Holy Spirit helps me to begin to take actions.

I receive grace to go beyond the usual. I begin to try new and bigger things. I move from the position of dreaming to taking actions.

I am careful never to doubt God’s love, I will begin to rejoice over his love instead of doubting. I refuse depression, I embrace God’s love from now and beyond.

Nigeria is blessed, our media is sanctified, nations will call us blessed and gentiles will come to the brightness of our rising.

I declare that the church of God in this nation refuses to lose her savour. We shine as light in every sector of our economy. There is a fresh anointing upon all church leaders within and without the shores of Nigeria in Jesus name.


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