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Sunday, April 6th

Dear Lord, I thank you for the privilege to witness another beautiful month. Thank you for your love that has been shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. Thank you for your guidance and instructions. I am grateful because I believe that I will continue to enjoy your benefits in Jesus name.

Father, give me the grace to fill my heart only with the word of God. Help me to continually feed on your word. I receive the grace to be consistent in my place of study. I refuse to allow the situations in my home, country or vicinity change my thought about your plan for me. I believe that I will fulfill the very reason you created me and because I believe, it shall be so in Jesus name.

No matter the mud people throw at me, I receive God’s strength to shake them off. I will not allow the opinion of men get at me. Irrespective of the caliber of people saying negative words concerning me, I remain assured that I will turn out well eventually. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.

I sing the praises of God today. My chains are gone, I have been set free. I no longer live in worries and anxieties. I am joyful at all times. In all circumstances, I give thanks to God. I am confident in God and His word concerning me therefore, I move from one level of glory to the other in Jesus name.

As I depend on God’s grace to help me, I also take conscious steps in making my walk with God smooth. I refuse to be a lazy and careless Christian. I guard my heart with all diligence as I trust completely in the strength of the Lord in Jesus name.

We declare that our land is flowing with milk and honey. Nigeria is becoming the envy of nations all over the world. We move from grace to grace and from strength to strength in Jesus name.

I’m a carrier of God’s blessings and favor even as I enter into this new week in Jesus name!


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