February 25, 2018 teenstroop.org 0Comment

Let us pray

Immortal daddy I worship you this day, for who you are I bless your name, for what you’ve done I worship you for you are God all by yourself. Thank you for helping me to witness the last Sunday in the month of February. Glory be to your Holy name.

I declare from now on that I am careful not to make bad wishes for my enemies, I will pray for them, feed them when I’m opportuned and even preach to them.

I receive grace to impact my world, I am living above the norm of just surviving, I will make impact in people’s lives, give them reasons to feed by themselves rather than steal.

I confess that my help comes from you alone, I do not trust in chariots or horses but I look to the hills where my help comes from, I will seek refuge in the name of the Lord.

I am careful not to depend on prophets but have a relationship with the spirit of truth who is the revealer of the deep things of God. I refuse to be deceived. I receive grace to discern wrong prophecies upon my life in Jesus name.

I decree and declare that Nigeria is advancing forcefully into her glorious destiny.

The church is taking her place as a ground and pillar of truth in this nation, we refuse to be intimidated or pushed like trash. God is our defender and our refuge. Nigeria is blessed!


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