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Tuesday, June 5th



“And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”

Genesis 2:15 KJV


Isn’t it interesting that our God is a God of orderliness? There is something beautiful about the scripture reference for today. God didn’t just build a garden only for weeds to grow in, instead, He put man in the Garden to keep and to dress it.

God has given every one of us a garden to keep. It could be your immediate environment; it could your academics, family or anything. There is something God has created you to keep and dress, make sure you do not fall sort of that purpose.

The beautiful thing is that at the end of the day, we also will give an account to God on how we have been able to work on the assignment He gave to us.

To some, He has given a city; to some, a garden; to some, the whole nation. Instead of getting jealous of the assignment of others, focus on bringing out the best of that which God has committed to you.

We have not been called into laziness but responsibility. Be responsible! Be in order, shun laziness, let procrastination be your enemy, be clean and the God who sees in the secret will reward you openly.


Let’s start with focusing on your room. Do you dress and keep it? Are you deliberate about how you arrange the things in your room? If you cannot dress the physical room you have, how will you be able to work on other very important thing? Set out a time today to ALWAYS make sure that your room is well dressed and kept.


Cleanliness is not based on how rich or poor you are, it’s all about you value system.

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