Jesus was 12 when He discovered His purpose in life. David was 17 when he became a king. Joseph had that big dream when he was only a boy. Josiah and Joash were less than 15 when they became kings. Like these people and many others after them, I discovered myself at the age of 12 and I was 17 when I wrote the first edition of “Good Morning Jesus Daily Devotional”! So no teenager is too young to stand out for God and become successful! No, not one!

Many highly successful people started their ascent to fame and fortune early in life. The Lord has in His Mercy chosen us for this great assignment of raising troops of young Christian soldiers. A gathering of people who will fearlessly stand for God despite trials and persecutions. Teenagers are very precious in the sight of God. Most of what adults pass through today are as a result of the mistakes of the past. Yes, mistakes are bound to happen but the negative effect of some of these mistakes might stay forever to haunt you. This is why the Lord has sent us to teach teenagers all over Nigeria and the world that they can always avoid some mistakes now that they are still young, so that they can have the glorious future God has designed for them. 

Through God’s leading and instructions, we have seen that the best time to get the best out of every one is sowing Godly seeds in their hearts while they are still young. A Yoruba adage says “It is what you eat that dictates how far you’ll fly”. The investment every teenager makes today, however little, can go a long way in making them reach their ultimate goal in life!

The Troops Teens Ministry started with a publication of a devotional tagged ‘Good morning Jesus Daily Devotional for teens’ in November, 2008.
The devotional started with the production of 70 copies which was restricted only to a secondary school, Yemi International College.

Every break, once in a week, students would gather in a class to review the topics in the devotional.

Between November 2008 and December 2009, we published 5 editions of the devotional which was distributed across secondary schools, churches and communities in Lagos state.

The publication of the devotional stopped in 2009 due to some unavoidable circumstances.

In 2016, October precisely, the vision was revived now under a ministry called ‘The Troops Teens Ministry’