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“For He will command His angels in regard to
you, to protect and defend and guard you in all
your ways [of obedience and service].”



I am certain you have seen security men
before. You must have seen a lot rich
men’s houses with guards and security
men. Better still, we have those we call Secret Service in America, they are in charge of protecting the president of America at all cost even if it means giving their lives for it.

Have you seen mother hen protecting her chicks before? As harmless as hen could be, they get so cruel and dangerous when you touch their chicks.

A true mother would do anything to protect her child. I have seen mothers who for the sake of protecting their babies, gave up their lives.

With all these examples, if man and even animals can be this protective, how much more God who is your Father! We are His children and He is forever responsible for our
upkeep. God can keep you safe from evil because He is a loving God!

One of the ways God secures us is that He gives His angels charge over us.

Whenever you’re traveling in the dark and you get so scared, always remember that you have God’s
angels there to protect you from evil.

There are three basic things the angels will do for you according to our Bible reference.

  1. They will protect you
  2. They will defend you
  3. They will guard you

This is enough to give us so much confidence that God will never let us fall into a form of evil. He will always be there to keep and protect you. You have Heaven securities
around you, stay calm and be full of faith!


Protect, defend and guard: Are these three words the same? If not, how do you think God
protects, defends and guards us? How can you begin to live in utmost confidence in God’s securities over you?

It is ridiculous to live in fear when we have
Llegions of angels watching over us. If you cannot trust God to keep you, you have no right
to call Him your Father!

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