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Monday, March 12


Reference Scripture

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV)


Last Week Monday, we learnt a lesson from the life of Joseph. He was someone who had already prepared himself for his future. He had the dream of what was going to happen to him in future during his teenage years.

Another wonderful lesson than we can learn from the life of Joseph is the way God has chosen to work with His own time instead of Joseph’s time.

Joseph could have felt bad to be kept on the prison for two years for something he didn’t do. Worst still, someone he helped when he was in prison, the Butler, forgot Joseph completely after he was released. Interestingly, all these were only fulfilling God’s ultimate plan for Joseph.

If the Butler had told the king about Joseph, there are possibilities that the king would have released Joseph and sent him back to his household. This wouldn’t have made the dreams of Joseph materialize.

It was after Pharaoh had a dream and was desperately looking for interpretation that the Butler remembered Joseph! This must have been orchestrated by God!

There is time for everything. The fact that your mates have been admitted into university or that your mates have graduated shouldn’t bother you because what you are trusting God for will come in God’s time!

God sees far ahead of us. He knows what will harm us and what will do us good. The position you should therefore take is a position of rest knowing fully well that God would work out His perfect will for you in His time!

I had a little delay after secondary school, for two years, I didn’t gain admission into the university. The things I enjoyed, passed through, learnt and birthed in the space of that two years cannot be forgotten forever! Good Morning Jesus Daily Devotional is a product of those two years!

Relax; God is in charge of your life!

Have a great week ahead!

Further Reading: Genesis 41

Prayer Point: Ask God to help you patiently wait for His timing concerning his plans for your life.

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