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Monday, May 7th



“So the Lord spoke to the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.”

Jonah 2:10 NKJV


I want to believe you have once heard the story of Jonah, at one point in your life. Nevertheless, for the sake of today’s teaching, let us look into his story summarily.

Jonah was sent by God to a land called Nineveh. On his way to Nineveh, he decided to move to another city. Because of his disobedience, while he was journeying via water, a raging storm started. He was even thrown into sea since his disobedience was going to cost others their lives. Right there in the deep sea, God commanded a fish to swallow Jonah.

Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights. On the third day, he prayed to God to save him and God SPOKE to the fish to vomit Jonah.

Now, if God could speak to a fish, don’t you think he can also speak to you? You might be thinking that you are too small to hear from God but may I let you know that GOD SPEAKS AND CAN SPEAK TO YOU?

If you are a believer, you have the Holy Spirit resident in you and He is always ready to give you instructions. You are more precious than the best animal in the world. You are God’s special child. I have not seen a good father who would be in the same house with his children and never speak to them for once! That is not possible! One way or the other, he will talk to his children.

In the same vein, God speaks to us only when we have a ready heart to listen to him. If you are confused about anything, ask God. He is always available to listen to your heart cries.


One of the ways God speaks to us is through His word. As you study your Bible today, point out the words that strike your heart. That is God’s word to you today!


If you have a listening heart, you will hear God speak to you consistently!

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