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Monday, April 16th



“But when he saw [the effects of] the wind, he was frightened, and he began to sink, and he cried out, “Lord, save me!” MATTHEW 14:30 AMP


Happy new week! I am confident that God’s favour will follow you through this week and beyond in Jesus name.

We have a wonderful lesson to learn from Peter this morning. Jesus, at night, was walking on water to meet His disciples. When the disciples saw Him walking on water, they got scared. Peter, on seeing this, asked Jesus that if truly He is the one, He should bid him to come. Jesus told him to come and Peter started walking on water.

There are so many things that you are also trusting God for in your life, I am assuring you this day that God will solve them ALL for you in Jesus name. Something strange happened while Peter was walking on water. He began to sink!

Let’s quickly look at the major reason Peter started to sink into the water.

He was led by the situation around him. While Peter was walking on water, he realized that there was a mighty rushing wind. This wind got Peter’s attention so much that he was afraid. Fear isn’t always in isolation. Something usually results to fear. If there wasn’t any storm, Peter would have had no reason to fear. The reason you are scared is simply because of the little challenge you’re faced with. You think the challenge is going to stop you from getting to where God has ordained for your life.

Usually, the moment you begin to focus your attention on those issues, you begin to sink.

Praise God, Peter didn’t stop there, he cried out to Jesus! Is there anything you’re going through now, it is not too late for you to call on Jesus to save you. The good thing is, if you call on Him, He will answer you.


Share this message with at least three people today either via social media or group discussion. Also, ask God for the Grace to live in faith without wavering. Pray that God would displace every fear in your heart by the reason of His word in Jesus name.

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