As much as we need money, the ministry is not solely dependent on it. We depend solely on the supplies from God one of which is using people (believers) to support us.

Before you donate, remember that

  • You must be born again
  • Give cheerfully

Why donate?

  1. We distribute our devotional to teenagers for free. It is tagged ‘Good Morning Jesus Daily Devotional’ which is a quarterly (3 times in a year) publication of The Troops Teens Ministry.
  2. We sponsor the Jamb/WAEC form of teenagers who are doing well in public schools.
  3. We organize summer camp meetings for teenagers in August. Skills acquisition programmes are organized during this period to teenagers for free.
  4. We organize house fellowship in different universities for a weekly review of the devotional.
  5. Outreaches to public schools, orphanage, prisons, hospitals with gifts and other packages.

We’re working towards opening an official account which will amount to us having to register first, the ministry and that will gulp about 100,000 naira. In that light, we have decided to make use of a trusted personal account for now strictly for the ministry. Please bear with us.

The details of how to send in your sponsorship/support/contributions are given below.

Acc. Name: Olayemi Afolabi Emmanuel

Acc. Number: 0573010753

Bank: Ecobank

How donations are used.

  • Publication of our devotional
  • Summer camp meetings
  • External examination sponsorship
  • Outreaches

Financial Policy

C – Credibility: We are stewards and are accountable to God. We believe that God sees whatever it is we do. So, since the ministry belongs to God, we take every donation sacred.

I – Integrity: We will avoid borrowing and if we do for good reasons, we will ensure a repayment of the loan at when due. We will also ensure that we spend within our means.

A – Accountability: Every quarter, a financial statement will be sent to every sponsors email on request.