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Tuesday, May 8th



“A simple life in the Fear-of- God is better than a rich life with a ton of headaches.”

Proverbs 15:16 MSG


There is nothing wrong with having so much and living a very expensive life but such life without God will only lead to misery.

Everyone wants a good life. We all want success in all of our endeavours. The important thing that should be checked is if you are not violating the instructions of God to get those things.

What is the joy in an excellent examination result that was gotten by malpractice? What joy is there in the money you acquire by stealing from others? If you will rejoice in any of your possessions, let it be on the one that God Himself has given to you!

The Bible says that it is only the blessing of the Lord that makes a man rich and adds no sorrow. That means whatever you get that is NOT the blessing of the Lord is only full of sorrow!

Learn to avoid shortcuts. To pass exams, read, study well. To become wealthy in life, be diligent and be hardworking. Let it be that whatever it is you have were not gotten from devious means.

One of my friends who had at a point in his life stolen from a company went back to that company after several years to return that which he had stolen.

Fortunately for him, the money wasn’t even collected from him but he has freed his heart from all forms of guilt.

We have numerous people in the world today who survive on forged results. They are working in big companies where they got into by submitting false document. There is no peace in this!

Remember that better is little with God than so much without God!


Memorize Proverbs 16:15. Meditate upon it through today.


Remember that better is little with God than so much without God!

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